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April 18, 2014

Sesame Street - ish & Thomas Pastrano

I first became acquainted with the clever art work from Pastrano at Shine Bright Zamorano site and fell in love.  I decided to give it a try with my students and loved the results!

First I introduced my students to Jim Henson and we learned about his amazing art style of designing and bringing muppets to life.

                                                        We watched this clip of rapper Will.i.am. singing with the Sesame Street muppets and  used the closed caption so the students can read along with it as always.

I had students make observations of the different characteristics of each muppet.  (Colors, shapes, lines going horizontal or vertical, etc.)  Then we looked at Pastrano's work.  VERY COOL.

My kinders and 1st graders did paper collages with cookie monster, ernie, elmo & kermit


Two of my classes did the Minon's from Despicable Me 2 for our skit in the Benchmark Pep Rally to go along with our song Because I'm Happy!

You can order Pastrano's prints here:  

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