reading & writing with art

April 23, 2012


Stitchin' and Pullin': A Gee's Bend Quilt (Picture Book)Patricia McKissack's book is a needle in the haystack!
This was great fun!  Well...it was a bit challenging with the needle threading and knot tying...but they did do it all on their own!!  They are so very proud of them!
We looked at Japanese and Chinese softies and where they came from.  I adapted a power point and here:  http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/huskeyj72501-1395712-softies/
and the students followed the steps.  Did many sketches until they came up with their final creation, traced their designs on felt pieces and the sewing began!  

We Like to Move It...Move It!

We looked at bodies in motion.  These 2nd and 3rd graders had to draw a self portrait of themselves in motion doing some type of exercise to promote healthy lives!  We are a health wellness and international studies magnet so I try to incorporate as much as I can into our classes.  They had to add the writing piece with their art.  They turned out so great!

Rhyme Time Art with Text

2nd grade did Nursery Rhymes.  We began with Humpty Dumpty Climbs Again by Dave Horowitz.  This hilarious book has clever illustrations and the students loved reading all of the captions. Next we read many nursery rhymes from a power point I put together.  Then they created illustrations for the rhyme they selected.  They printed off the text and had to decide how to arrange their text on their piece.  Some mixed up their rhymes and others came up with their own twist.  I really like how they turned out. 

April 19, 2012

Greek Column Clay Sculptures in the Works

SUPER excited about this new project I have put together.  My 6th graders are learning about Greek Columns.  We drew some sketches then they followed my power point I created (see link below) to give them ideas on builing their column out of clay.  Their final piece is to create a clay sculpture to be showcased on top of their column.  They are getting excited and can't wait to paint & glaze these.  Each class is getting more and more creative.  LOVE THEM.  Will post final photos in a few weeks.

April 17, 2012

Romero Britto inspired Kite Drawings

2nd graders created Romero Britto inspired Kite drawings.  I created the power point below to guide my students.  We used the poem A Kite to inspire our piece as well.


Chinese Paper Cutting

Chinese Paper Cutting
Our Chinese teacher helped our students look at the art of Chinese paper cutting.  They folded the paper and cut their design then added the finishing touch by creatively designing the name in Chinese characters.

1.  Fold paper in half 2 times.
2.  Design a fat border around the edge of your paper.
3.  Cut out the small parts of your border.
4.  Open and glue onto colored background.

April 09, 2012

Tigress by Helen Cowcher

The illustrations in the book Tigress by Helen Cowcher are just beautiful.  My 3rd graders and I talked about perspective and how the artist zoomed in on some of the illustrations to show a close up piece.  We looked at several options of what we could zoom in on of the tiger then they did some sketches and created their final piece on the small 4 x4 square.  They used colored pencils to illustrate and added a final touch of black ink to parts of the tiger to make a dramatic look.

WRITING:  They framed their pieces then we made a chart of descriptive words and they were to add their choice of descriptive words around the edges of the frame. 

April 02, 2012

St. Basil's Russian Cathedral

My students did a great job desgning their patterned cathederals which I had seen many art teachers do with their students.  They painted and designed their background on a hard board.  Drew their towers on white paper and painted with water color.  Some of them outlined thier pieces with glitter which added a great touch.