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May 10, 2013

Kindergarten Subway Sandwich POP ART

Thank you SUBWAY for helping us with our
Thank you SUBWAY for helping us with our healthy fresh fit sandwich POP ART in kindergarten!  They loved learning about the Subway menu and all of the great healthy choices they can have when eating at subway.

We used the book Sam's Sandwich to help us with our art work as well as the power point I made to assist on my authorstream RAW ART at:  
We had lots of great discussion and wrote a list of the items we used on our sandwich (see below).  There are also 2 more books listed at the bottom that could be used as well.


  1. Such a great way to integrate ART with healthy eating choices. We have a SUBWAY right down the street from school. I will have to pass this lesson along to our primary teachers. Thanks!!

  2. Thank you Christie. We have one right down our street as well. Since we are a health magnet I wanted to add a little twist to our project. My kinders had a lot of fun creating. Thanks again for the comment!