reading & writing with art

February 19, 2013

Kindergarten goes Patriotic!

Kindergarten class learned about the Presidents and created their own patriotic piece.  These are just fabulous!
We did an artist study on Jack Levine and then created our own patriotic piece.

February 15, 2013

Love Splat by Rob Scotton

Kindergarten fun with Splat the Cat!  I had one class that completed their robots early and since it was Valentines Day I did this quick lesson with them so that next week we can all start on the same project together.  They had fun and they turned out pretty cute!
Happy Valentines Day and thank you ROB SCOTTON for introducing us to SPLAT!

February 08, 2013

I HEART ROBOTS - The Robot Book and art

This was one of my favorite KINDERGARTEN art lessons yet!  We are working on art for our "Nacho Ordinary Math Night" and I am supposed to have every grade level contribute art integrated with math.  Well...I found this book that I so fell in love with called The Robot Book by Heather Brown.  It was just perfect to go along with our shape robots we were making.  To provide the ultimate hook...I found the book trailer at http://youtu.be/pg6U1VNNAi0.
 We used the book to be our inspiration for our artwork.   We reviewed our shapes and looked at a variety of robot designs to help make decisions on what our robots needed.  I did the entire lesson in my best ROBOT VOICE and the only way they could talk in class was to use their robot voices.  They so loved it!  
You can use my how to power point here 
or you can create your own version.  For the end they created a sentence strip with their robots name and we attached this shape chart where they counted the # of shapes on their robot and included the chart on their display. 

Why I can not make these photos turn upright I have NO IDEA...sorry.  Just do the robot head tilt to view it.