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November 19, 2012

Miss Spider's Tea Party & Mary Cassatt

Stuffed Cooperative Tea Cups and Stacked Cups all made for Miss Spider's Tea Party!  Thanks to our influence from Mary Cassatt and her painting "The Tea".

These stacked cups were also inspired from by:
 "3rd Grade Teacups Inspired by Alice in Wonderland (Botello)"
by Alexandra1915 (Art ID #18062619) 
from Brunswick Acres Elementary School— grade 3.  They were just to perfect to go along with our Mary Cassatt study and Miss Spider's tea party.  My 3-4th grade did the stacked cups and my 5th and 6th graders did the "Cooperative Cups" below that they stuffed!

The Tea Party in the Paint Shop...www.facebook.com/inspirationpointparty


  1. These teacups are awesome! So colorful and fun! I love incorporating literature with art, especially with the younger kids. I think reading stories provides a great "hook" for a lesson and promotes literacy and the love of books. Great project!

  2. These were so fun! It was my first run with liquid water color which I LOVED and it really made everything pop. The cooperative learning that took place from their cooperative cups worked great as well. Literacy and art go together like "Peas & Carrots"! Thank you for your comments! Please share any ideas you have or if you give it a try any great changes you made!