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April 28, 2014

Oliver K Woodman figure sketches

Love what my 5th grade artist did with their Oliver K. Woodman figures!  First of all Darcy Pattison is a local ARKANSAS artist which I love.  She has presented for me at the Arkansas Reading Association conference several times and I adore her books.  You have to admit...this is the perfect book for figure drawings.  The book is written in a series of letters and postcards where Oliver shares his travels across the states.  After we read and discussed the book we began with the sketching.  We made careful observations about our forms.  The students worked in group of 4.  Each small group had 3 minutes to decide what "pose" their figure would take.  We discussed shapes, lines, shadows and proportion.  The students used rulers to help them decide how to make their figure the correct proportion.  Some of them quickly figured out their alien size heads did not quite fit their bodies.  When they moved on to their background they had to decide WHERE their Oliver would be in the picture.  They discussed details with their tables on what might give clues to their surroundings then they were to creatively hide a sign stating their location on their piece.  I have 2 classes left and I can't wait to see their finished pieces. 

Here are 2 links for Darcy's books:

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