reading & writing with art

September 29, 2014

Creative Color Wheels & Writing Prompts

Love these creative watercolor color wheels.  We did a color theory study and the students came up with their own pieces to display their color wheel.  The writing prompt was part of their assessment and some of them did a pretty good job with it.  Feel like we need to work on "explaining" ourselves more when we write.  

The writing prompt my students used for their writing piece.

Makes you feel…
Safe and secure
Good if you need people to trust you
Calm and confident
Good for making people spend money
Energetic and vigorous
Good if you want people to risk
Optimistic and cheerful
Good if you want people have fun
Romantic and dreamy
Good for influencing (young) female s
Willing to take action
Good if you want people to act
Powerful and wealthy
Good if you want people to spend money

Use what you about color theory and the chart above to answer the writing prompt. 

You are working for a video company and you are designing a case for the new “ART ROCKS” game.  This game scores points for creatively developing CD covers to match 2014 top songs.  In the box below, draw your cover for the “ART ROCKS” package and use color pencils to color your piece.  Then write and explain your reasoning for your design and why you chose the colors used on the video cover. 

September 11, 2014


Thinking of my best friend today that I dearly miss and so many others that lost their lives that day.

Sara Low was a flight attendant on Flight #11.
This is the first day I have taught school on 9/11 since it happened.  I have spent every class period talking about the events of that day and sharing stories of my friend with my students.  We used Arkansas Maps for our Arkansas Hero today to create USA maps and show our American Pride and help us remember to share what happened that day with others.

September 08, 2014

Selfie's - Value & Grids Jr High Style

GIANT SELFIES!   These were so creative and I love how giant they are!  My 7th and 8th graders created these and I can't wait to hang them up.
First we had to take our selfie's.  They either took their own or I snapped them in class.  They printed them off on an 8x11 sheet of paper in black and white.  Then we learned about GRID drawing.  We started off with my zebra drawing here to discuss placement, importance of measuring the grid, creating the appropriate amount of sections, placement, lines and shapes.  Some of my students had to learn the hard way, but most of them did very well.

 Then they drew the grid on their photo using a 2x2" scale.  Next they drew their grid on their giant poster 6x6" scale.

They were totally stressed about how large their nose and eyes were... but once they saw the entire photo coming together then they were able to relax.  As you can see, some of mine did not quite get it to scale, but some of them did an great job.
They were able to use sharpie to outline, and colored sharpie to add one pop of color for emphasis.  Then they had to use paints to create their shadows.

  Here Hannah is using our I Am poems I had them write to fill the space for the background.  I told them to be creative with their designing of their poems...some did better than others.