reading & writing with art

May 28, 2013

The Rainbow Fish, Britto & the Kinders

 Kindergarten had a splashing good time with our books Only One and The Rainbow Fish.  We used our books to go with one of my favorite bright cheery artist - Romero Britto.  His fish art seen above just bubble me over with happy feelings.  My presentation is below that you can use on how we made our fish.  The most fun they had was the "BUBBLE FACTORY"...or in grown up terms:  toilet paper rolls dipped in paint to make the bubble look.  If you give anything a cool name, you get amazing results in the art room!


4th Grade Pop Art - Burton Morris Style

 4th grade finished their pop art study with the artist Burton Morris.  This was a quick one day project for the end of the year with paper cutting and they did a great job. 
My power point how to lesson is here: 

May 22, 2013

Lichtenstein Pop Art Portraits with Attitude

Excited about our new classroom cameras and our unit on POP ART this was a project that could not be skipped.  This idea was inspired by Ms. Lase's art room @ http://gmgart.wordpress.com/page/2/.  My students cut out a green poster board frame and I laminated the pieces for them to create their art on...it gave it a cool shiny look.  Then we hot glued their personality speech bubbles and they simply crack me up!  Below I will give more instructions and include my power point that I made for my lesson. 
                                 The students could use props and had to be creative in developing their pose that they would model for the photographer.  We discussed how their pose should reflect what they are wanting their caption to describe.  How fun are these?   

May 21, 2013

George Rodrigue's Blue Dog, Harry the Dirty Dog & 1st Graders

Ever wonder why authors and artist draw and write about dogs a lot?  Our first graders were intrigued and were on a hunt to see how many books and art they could find that were "DOG-gone" good! 

May 20, 2013

We made SUNSHINE on a cloudy day

Found this idea at  http://www.teachingblogaddict.com/2012/05/end-of-year-art-project.html and fell in love with it.  We did this on water color paper because I did not have enough canvases for my class.  We used ribbon scraps for the rays of sun, instead of scrapbooking paper.  They are just super cheery and we have had TONS of compliments.  They are framers for sure!!!

May 17, 2013

Photography, Exercise & 2nd Grade Models


My 2nd graders took part in a  photography class with our new cameras we received from our Donors Choose grant.  I called it our photography workshop and they learned basics with our cameras.  If they completed the workshop then they were allowed to use the cameras to do this hilarious Photography ART project