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December 20, 2013

Striped Alphabet Clay Ornaments

 Kindergarten and 1st graders had some fun Clay Time by creating these candy cane striped Alphabet Ornaments.
Some are darling...and some are imaginative!
We used twine and raffia to thread them so they could hang them on the trees.
                                                Last of the holiday hoopla.
Happy Holidays!

December 16, 2013

Rainbow Christmas Tree Holiday Paint party from Inspiration Point paint parties

See more of my paint party and Inspiration Point at...

The Mitten Tree and 4th Graders Sewing Mitten Ornaments

 The Mitten Tree...and 3rd Grade's first time sewing creating Mitten Ornaments.

The Mitten Tree
by Candace Christiansen
Illustrated by Elaine Greenstein

The mitten tree is a heartwarming story about an older women who lives alone.  She enjoys watching the children play outside her home.
As she watches them play she notices that one child does not have mittens. So she knits some mittens to match his coat.
She enjoys making mittens and when she sees the smile on that child's face she makes more mittens.

Each time hanging them on nearby pine tree for the children to find.

December 04, 2013

Santa is coming to ARKANSAS ornaments

Can't WAIT to put these on the tree!  Santa is Coming to ARKANSAS is a fun little book that my students loved recognizing and locating many Arkansas cities and places on the map!  We used an Arkansas cut out for these, then created Santa's little belly with glitter for the buckle.  

My 2nd graders did a great job...and just before their trip to Little Rock!