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May 17, 2013

Photography, Exercise & 2nd Grade Models


My 2nd graders took part in a  photography class with our new cameras we received from our Donors Choose grant.  I called it our photography workshop and they learned basics with our cameras.  If they completed the workshop then they were allowed to use the cameras to do this hilarious Photography ART project
First the students brainstormed various types of exercise to go with our Healthy Choices unit.  You can see the entire lesson on my power point at:
They took photos of each other modeling in a frozen statue acting out the exercise.
Next they printed off the photos, cut them out and collaged them into their artwork.  The final touch was adding a speech bubble with a clever caption.  Unfortunately, this was a day I as at a literacy conference and the sub didn't stress the importance of spelling and grammar...but they are super fun no matter.  Our next step is doing the art on paint.net.   

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