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May 16, 2013

3rd Grade, Andy Warhol, and the BALD EAGLE

3rd grade at EAGLE Mountain just soared to new heights with these POP ART eagles inspired by Andy Warhol from his series of 10 prints of endangered animals.  We learned a lot about pop art and the pop artist himself.     I found this great you tube clip that Christie Neale made at: http://youtu.be/ulZ64VDhwXM
I LOVE it because the students have to READ the captions on the bottom.  The entire clip is set to a Justin Bieber song...so you should PREP your students ahead of time or they will focus on the the song and dancing.  You can also turn the sound off and just watch it silent.
 We did our chalk eagles on black paper with a glue outline that they traced with sharpies. 

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