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May 21, 2013

George Rodrigue's Blue Dog, Harry the Dirty Dog & 1st Graders

Ever wonder why authors and artist draw and write about dogs a lot?  Our first graders were intrigued and were on a hunt to see how many books and art they could find that were "DOG-gone" good! 

We compared two little famous pups in this RAW ART piece.  Our students were quite observant in creating a Venn diagram of differences and similarities between the two dogs.                                   They loved learning about George Rodrigue (especially since I had just been to his studio in New Orleans a couple of months ago) and their favorite part was that Blue Dog was inspired by George's real puppy that had passed away, Tiffany.

Needless to say....we have lots of first grade authors and artist now writing books and illustrating about their own pets!  Thanks for the inspiration George Rodrigue!
You can watch Betty White read aloud Harry the Dirty Dog and find lots of great literacy activities for free at:   http://storylineonline.net/harry/storyline_harry.pdf

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