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March 06, 2012

Two Trufalla Trees

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!  This was my Kindergarten and 1st grade tribute to Dr. Seuss.  We read the book and watched the movie trailer.  Made a chart with reasons why trees were important then jumped in to save the trees with these easy and fast art piece.  We talked about the letter "T" and alliterations.  Every time we said a word that began with "T" we said..."Save the Trees".  The students loved listening for words that started with "T".

Here are the easy steps:
1.  Tear off TWO pieces of "Truffala Tree TAPE" and place on the paper. 
2.  Draw the horizon line w/ sharpie and small truffala trees by the horizon line if they wish.
3.  Paint the sky and the land - we used water colors.
4.  While it was drying we fan folded our tree tops and some cut them out of felt.  (The fan folds look better.)
5.  Carefully tear of the tape.
6.  Use sharpies again to draw the stripes on the trees.
7.  Last glue on the tree tops.

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