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March 30, 2012

James Franco....IS it ART or NOT?

 Is it art or not?

My students recently looked at a few articles related to James Franco's (Actor from Spiderman and many other movies) new art group movement.  He and his collaborators are selling "invisible art".  A buyer receives a card with a written description of the art work.  There is nothing visual to look at except for the next written on a note card.  The concept is that art is in the eye of the beholder and everyone's imagination is different.  These note cards are selling from any where from $25 to $10,000!!!

My class loved debating the concept.  After we had read and discussed the article I had my students create similar pieces by writing descriptions on note cards.  We displayed these in the hallway and had our school vote if it was art or not. 

This article is from Scholastic Art.

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