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February 16, 2012

In LOVE with Reading...Printmaking & Zentangles Heart Art!

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!  We have been following up our Jasper Johns printmaking creations with I would say what has turned out to be some of my FAVORITE pieces!!   Below I posted our steps and some examples.

First I gave my student foam rectangles and we use old ink pens to create the Embossing. 

Any process used to create a raised or depressed surface, sometimes without ink.
Drawing directly on the copper plate with a sharp point creates a rough ridge of metal--a burr--along the furrow. When the plate is inked, the burr catches the ink, producing dark, velvety accents.

They cut out the heart shape from their foam piece.  Then we rolled colored ink over their hearts and began the printing practice.  After they felt confident with printing then we used old book pages that had been falling apart.  Glued them to colored backgrounds and they did their final heart right in the middle of the text. 

WE HAVE HAD ENDLESS COMPLIMENTS ON THEIR PIECES.  I used the caption "In LOVE with READING" and displayed the art in the hall.

As my 5th & 6th graders finally finished their alphabet sculptures we moved into the zentangle heart art that I borrowed from SmART Class at:
I love the ideas on Natalie's site!

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