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December 09, 2011

Reindeers, Trees and Cranes...OH MY!

More Christmas stuff from my students getting ready for the holidays.  This year we talked about the origin and meaning behind some of the traditions in the United States. 

Kindergarten and 1st grade did these burlap reindeer ornaments.  They glued a clothes pin on the back so they could hang on the tree or be used for other purposes.  They turned out great.  The hardest part for them was cutting out the burlap.  With persistence they did complete the circle.

5th and 6th grade, along with our Chinese teacher, read the book The Tree of Cranes by Allen Say  then made these great origami cranes to place on the tree.
4th grade is working on sewing for the first time (a project that seems to be taking forever).  They each cut out their own triangles.  They had to make 2 that were identical.  We have some that are very tiny and some that are about the size of my hand. 
Now they are sewing on beads for ornaments.  Next week we will stitch the two together, stuff and sew on a rectangle for the trunk.  Last they will add a ribbon to the top so their softie tree can hang.
A Wish to Be A Christmas Tree

My student created these straw blown Christmas trees that we used with our MyCards project to make cards for parents to order for Christmas.  If you are not familiar with MyCards it is a great easy way to make some extra $ for your art room, go to http://www.mountaincolor.com/.

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