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October 18, 2013

Limelight Larry, Artist Edward Bawden and 3rd Grade Peacocks!

Another piece I am CRAZY EXCITED about!!
I have been anxiously waiting to do a project with my new fav Limelight Larry and when I was introduced to the new NON Fiction book Get Into Art Animals it was my perfect "in".  So here it goes.
In the book Get into ART Animals the author Susie Brooks shows a variety of art works where artist have painted, sketched, created animals.  The book gives a little blurb about the piece and a little blurb about the artist.  We used the artist and illustrator Edward Bawden who created a fabulous illustration for the fable "Peacock & Magpie".  Then we boasted our chest, fanned our feathers and flew into Larry!  It was also a great way to compare and contrast ficition and nonfiction because the non fiction piece has a lot of elements to it like a table of contents, glossary, etc.

Later I found this fabulous close up by artist Heather Galler and I fell in love with it.  I liked the simplicity of it and thought it would be a great piece for teaching my students how to make OBSERVATIONS and create their own version.  They are on their way to tickling my feathers already!  More to come!

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