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September 03, 2013

Stone Henge with a Creative Twist

Here she is using Hershey Candy Bars!
We have been working with all of my K-6 grade levels on our new project "Stonehenge with a Twist"!  These are so entertaining...and I can't wait for the final pieces to reveal to
you.  Here are some sneak peaks as well as my 5th-6th grade power point I used below.  The power point has 2 you tube clips that were perfect with the lesson as well.

Thanks to my Art Teacher Team we collaborated a great lesson for this!  LOVE IT!

We did our reserach about Stonehenge...made Fact & Theory cards then prepared our thinking by construction replicas of Stonehenge using blocks with our table teams. 

I have 3 variety lessons rolling with this. 
5-6th are doing their own "POPULAR ICON" inspirations of stonehenge...LOVE THEM already!
2nd-4th are drawing their versions & then using our LINE desing study to create lines in each stone.
K-1st are gluing on paper rectangles...then using the book Harold & the Purple Crayon to draw PURPLE line designs along with the students photo so they appear to be visiting Stonehenge.

I Hop Pancakes (bacon is coming soon)
& Iphone's.
http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/huskeyj72501-1922199-re- create-stonehenge-today/


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