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September 26, 2013

Elmer & the Rainbow art coming soon!!

Here are the some of our Elmer pieces we have been working on continued.  We used Kenn Nesbitt's poem.  2nd grade wrote the poem around the edges.  1st grade wrote "Elephant by ___" and Kg glued the poem on the back.   These are continued from our earlier Rembrandt and the elephants post.
We did a paint and scrape rainbow using our rulers which was messy, fun and look really cool!
Here is  the book Rosie's Rainbow by Ron Dubren for a great compare and contrast to Elmer on you tube:

My Elephant

My elephant thinks I'm wonderful.
My elephant thinks I'm cool.
My elephant hangs around with me
and follows me into school.

My elephant likes the way I look.
He thinks that I'm fun and smart.
He thinks that I'm kind and generous
and have a terrific heart.

My elephant thinks I'm brave and bold.
He's proud of my strength and guts.
But mostly he likes the way I smell.
My elephant thinks I'm nuts.
--Kenn Nesbitt

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