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April 04, 2013

Layering Pictures with paint.net

OK....so these are NOT my favorite, but it was part of the learning process.  We used paint.net and images from the Internet to layer and create art pieces.  We first began with the Dr. Seuss images below so you can see how they are basic.  They designed the background, had to find a Dr. Seuss character to use and a quote.   They turned out pretty blah and if we had more time we could have created a them into a bit more I'm sure.   But this is when they were learning how to use the program.  You can see how we continue to progress the more that I will be posting.  The 2nd class period they were instructed to find a background off Google images then find an image and make large and something crazy that would not normally belong.  They started getting a bit more creative here...but we still have a ways to go. 

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