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April 23, 2013

If you're HOPPY and you know it clap your hands!!

Don't Be a GREEN FROG!- Rainbow After the Rain by Imagine Brothers & The Green Frogs:  A Korean Folktale retold by Yumi Heo - This Korean folktale explains why frogs always cry "Gaegul! Gaegul! Gaegul!" whenever it rains and why--in Korea--"children who don't listen to their mother are called hung-gaeguri or green frogs." Yumi Heo remembers hearing the story of the green frogs when she was a little girl in Korea. Her humorous illustrations suggest swampy, underwater, under-the-microscope images. They were created with oil paint and pencil and are reproduced in full color-- mostly shades of green. CCBC categories: Folklore, Mythology and Traditional Literature 

The book Rainbow After the Rain is another retelling...but I SO LOVE the illustrations.  There are a couple of examples below.  Notice the background....using famous artist examples as the setting of this book was something my students picked up on right away!  How about that...I actually taught them something they remember!!  
(GMK; Feb 10)  © Cooperative Children's Book Center

So HOPPY with how these turned out!  My 4th graders really did a great job on these and they are so proud of them!  Now that we have finished they are doing a writing piece on why it is important to obey their parents!  Love the little life lesson from this book!

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