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December 29, 2012

Premio Dardos Award


The Premio Dardos Award
I'm so excited that Elizabeth at Dream Painters (http://paintersofdreams.blogspot.com/) presented me with this holiday gift for my blog!  It is so fun sharing ideas with each other and learning to inspire our students!  Thank you Elizabeth for contributing such great ideas on your website and inspiring others!

The Premio Dardos award is a virtual award sent as a ‘gift’ from one blogger to another as “recognition for the creativity, effort and dedication” we each put into our blog. The award originated in Spain around 2008-2009 and has been sent from blogger to blogger ever since.

To accept the award, you simply:
  1. Link back to the person who nominated you
  2. Display the award icon
  3. Nominate others whose blogs you admire for these qualities.

Here are some of my favorite blogs that I would like to spread this holiday cheer with and give the Premio Dardos Award:

Natalie at smART Class (http://elementaryartfun.blogspot.com/)  I love her blog because she really keeps her students creativity in their art pieces. 

May at MaryMaking (http://marymaking.blogspot.com/) does an amazing job of encouraging her students to make amazing creations with chalk and pastels.

Princess Artypants (http://princessartypants.blogspot.com/) because I LOVE her blog name and the incredible use of bright colors and collage in her international art room.

And finally...
Sleepy Head Studios (http://www.sleepyheaddesignsstudio.com/) with her great inspirations of students painting on canvas.

Thank you to Elizabeth and these 4 other artist that continue to inspire me!
Happy New Year!

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