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December 14, 2012

Holiday Ornaments K-6

INDIA'S FESTIVAL OF ELEPHANTS:  We learned about customs and traditions of India then we did a little research on Elephants in India.  Some of the elephants there are treated like royalty and live in the temples.  We looked at various pictures and video clips of the parade they have called the "Festival of Elephants" and used this as our inspiration for these fabulous elephant ornaments. 

For this project we used tin sheets. 
1.  The students sketched their elephant on paper first.  
2.  They took a stack of newspapers, placed this tin sheet on top of the newspapers and placed the sketch on the very top of that.
3.  Take a pencil and trace HARD over the sketch.
4.  Cut out the elephant
5.  Use colored sharpies to color selected areas.
6.  Hole punch and add a hook or ribbon. 

"Mini" Canvas Paintings
These I ended up LOVING because it was their art work teeny tiny.  I took old cardboard inserts from random boxes I had saved through the years and cut the pieces into small rectangles.  I hot glued ribbon on the back to create the hanger and they used these to paint their United States Santa Claus portraits and they also did a smaller version of the "Peace on Earth" that I have already posted directions for in an earlier post.  They just really POP on the tree!  Definite for painting next year.

Two Turtle Doves
This is another one I loved!  We did karaoke on the big screen to the Twelve Days of Christmas.  We stopped and talked about the Two Turtle Doves which are actually European Turtle Doves. 
Next the research started and we learned all about the turtle doves. 
One of the highlights was watching the you tube clip of from Home Alone where the guy in the toy store explains the meaning of the turtle doves.  The link is here: 
Then we used clay to design 2 small turtle doves.  We used texture mats that I had to add texture to the doves and created a hole in them for hanging.  They wrote their name and date and were told for the holidays to give one of their turtle doves to someone they loved and cared for like they did in the movie.

"And a partridge in a FRUIT tree"
3rd Graders made healthy fruit ornaments out of yarn. 
I borrowed the idea from Marie LeBaron at Makes and TakesRead more at http://www.favecrafts.com/Easy-Kids-Crafts/Yarn-Apple-Favors#GiueFSXOdIrGzK8Y.99.
I adapted some of her directions and made a power point to use with my students. 
You can download the power point here: 

It's a Small World After All
My kindergarten students made these thumbprint earth ornaments for its a small world after all.

Make Drummer Boy and read the book by Loren Long.  Power point here:

  Recycled Ornaments and Clay Ornaments are older post that you can look from from Dec 2011.

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