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January 17, 2012

Melting Snowmen

        Cover art of children's picture book Stranger in the Woods
 This was our attempt at melted snowmen.  We read the book Stranger in the Woods which has amazing photograph illustrations.  We talked about what would happen eventually to the children's snowman in the book and what would happen to the pieces used to create the snowman like the hat, scarf, carrot, etc.  We were also working on writing captions and discussed what the snowman might be thinking or saying.  Their work is just hilarious with thier captions!  "I'm hot in more than one way" is my favorite! 
Some of them were really creative.  We discussed how this shouldn't be the traditional snowman with three snowballs that they were used to illustrating.  I gave them white paint only with q'tips to paint thier snow and snowman.  They used construction paper scraps to add the details.

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