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February 05, 2015

Hearts. Paint brushes and Jim Dine

A Lot of Love
So in LOVE with these!  I usually do a Jim Dine study with my students, but this year I really added some new depth to my lesson.  I did this with my 5th graders.  We used this power point with my students to learn about Jim Dine as well as the Scholastic ART article (the link is attached in my power point here:  http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/huskeyj72501-2385012-jim-dine-oil-watercolors/ )

Mud Puddle
They worked in groups to read the article then answered the questions and discussed at their tables which led to some good discussion.  We did oil pastels for the hearts and water color backgrounds.  They did their paint brush "tool" inspired by Dine also.  My favorite part was looking at titles of Dine's pieces and my students commenting on how they thought they could do better.  So they had to really think and analyze their own piece and come up with a creative meaningful title.  Some were your usual..but some really were well thought.  More to come...  have 2 more classes to finish.  I think they are going to look fabulous when hung in a grouping.
Thank you Jim Dine for your heart inspired art pieces.
weeping heart
Next week we are writing letters to Mr. Dine... cause we cant get enough RAW ART!

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