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March 12, 2013

5th Grade Moai Clay Sculptures

 Moai Sculptures of Easter Island by my talented 5th Graders!  These are just so impressive.  We actually began by designing totem poles with our clay, but they were just too tall and didn't look right...they actually looked like the long eared sculptures which made me change the entire swing of my lesson.  So we made our virtual trip to Easter Island.  One of their favorites was the national geographic you tube video that described several theories for how the people moved the sculptures.  The link is:  http://youtu.be/J5YR0uqPAI8
We also had to watch the mini clip from The Night in the Museum.  It just turned into a fun project that the students are really excited about.  They are now currently working on "Did you know?" posters to display with our sculptures.

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