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January 15, 2013

Snow Friends Winter Landscape Collage

Snow Friends by Butler & MacNaughton is a cute little story about a bear that can't find a friend to play with in the snow so he decides to build the Best Snowman EVER to have a friend to play with that day.  I used the story because it was winter, we just had our first White Christmas in Arkansas that I have ever scene and the pictures were great examples to teach my students the Element of Space.  As you can see in the page below we were able to talk about depth, overlapping and the key part of our piece (background, foreground and middleground).  The students loved exaggerating the word "EVER" with me as I read because it is repeated a few times and we spent some time predicting what type of animal might pop out of the burrow.  
I created the power point that is linked below to serve as my guide and instructions for my students to create their torn paper collages.  My kindergarten-2nd graders had a great time creating these and they turned out pretty well.  There were a few students that just couldn't get past the fact I wouldn't let them use scissors, but in the end they were pleased with their pieces.

My power point that I used is the link below:
One of my student's parents donated the left over scrap-booking paper which turned out perfect for the trees.  I love the way some of them had the white outline around the trees.

We used q-tips to create the snow & sharpies to draw the details on the snowman.

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