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September 05, 2012

Prehistoric Cave Art - Cave of Lascaux

We are beginning our year in art following a time line dating back 32,000 years ago and traveling to France to learn about a famous Cave of Lascaux. 

 First Painter
Our class had a great time learning about the Cave of Lascaux. The book First Painter by Kathryn Lasky with amazing illustrations by  Rocco Baviera was a perfect fit for our study.  The book even illustrated how people from that era left their hand print as their signature on the cave walls.  Finally the students created their own cave art drawings under our own classroom cave  which was made from a large black sheet draped over tables.  Thanks to my new teacher intern Mr. Willett together we constructed a huge cave outside our art room covering the ceilings and hallways with the student produced cave art!

We also took a virtual field trip inside the cave at:  http://www.lascaux.culture.fr/#/en/02_00.xml

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  1. Wow, this is a fantastic initiative for children to learn all about our artistic origins. I myself am an artist and I am so thrilled to see youngsters taking an interest in our earliest art. Lascaux is one of the biggest inspirations for my own modern take on the 'cave art': http://www.canidaeart.com/#!Cave Art/c1d2v

    Some wonderful work by the students, they really seemed to get in to the project. I would love to visit your Lascaux for myself!

    Keep up the great work :)