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August 29, 2012

The Dot

 Thank you Peter Reynolds, author of The Dot, for helping my art class have a great start to the 2012 school year!

In each class we read and discussed Vashti's journey of becoming an artist and the effect of compliments on individuals.

After we finished our discussion on the book the students were each given a small sheet of paper.  We visualized what our dots would be designed as in our minds then they went to creating.

After they completed their dots and cut them out then we had a "FAST FIVE MIXER".  The student's were to take their dot's with them around the classroom and find 5 people in the room to compliment something they liked about each other's dots.  They were timed, had to use super soft voices and move fast to meet-greet-compliment all 5 artist!  Finally we attached them all to a giant to dot to display in the hallway!  Compliments have been pouring all week!

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