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May 10, 2012

Trucks and the ABC Rhyme

I just love my job teaching RAW ART!  Here is a fabulously written and cleverly illustrated book that we used for our art project.  The students created their collages inspired by the illustrations of Megan Halsey.  We used maps as she did in the book for part of our collage.  We learned how to draw trucks.  I took photos of them to place themselves as the driver.  Then I taught them my rhyme where they had to complete it with the first letter of their name.  The power point link I made gives all the details.

Thanks to Deep Space Sparkle's interview with Megan Halsey and ideas she had there.
The ABC rhyme you begin using letters that start w/ "A" to fill in the blank and continue on through the alphabet.
My name is ___________.
I am very __________.
I'm going to _____________ with at truck load of ____________.

My name is Gaven.
I am very Great.
I'm going to Gulf Shores with a truck load of Grapes.

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