reading & writing with art

February 28, 2014

William Morris and some 6th grade "stained glass" Suns

We used William Morris' piece and focused on the "sun" to create these very cool vinyl clings that I had ordered from Dick Blick.  We had them on our exterior windows but the ice age hit in Arkansas...and they kept falling off.  The photos below are on our interior windows with the gym behind it, so they are difficult to see on the windows...but you get the effect.  They thought they were very cool!

Grant Wood comes to Arkansas?

               We used our study of Grant Wood and compared his art work to our great state.  Thank you Grant Wood for helping us generate some fabulous ideas for our Great American Clean Up art poster for ARKANSAS!
LOVED how these kiddos learned to draw AR.  Use my tricks from the power point.

You can use my power point to download at the link free.