reading & writing with art

November 26, 2013

What if You had Animal Teeth?

What if you had Animal Teeth is a MUST non-fiction read!  We did these cartoon sketches with my 5th graders and EVERY GRADE is begging me to read it with them.  Love the illustrations and the cool facts we have learned about animal teeth.  Opens the doors for lots of research opportunities!
My students had to add a writing component with their pieces also...some did facts, poems, short stories, etc.

November 25, 2013

Holiday Paint & Create in the Paint Shop - little elves

Had such a fun time with this crew...including my 2 nieces Ruby and Rosy!!  LOVE these gals!!

Look how cute these are...

 Teen night coming up!

George Catlin inspired Native American Art & Lots of Books

After we found out that George Catlin's artwork is hanging in the Smithsonian Museum and that he traveled here in Arkansas where he kept a journal and created many art works about the Native Americans he lived with...we were sure our art work would be museum worthy!My 2nd & 3rd graders did the buffalo influenced by George Catlin.  Power point is on my author stream see at the bottom of the blog.


 My kindergarten and 1st graders did the Indian and the Paint Brush landscapes and added some cool scrapbook teepee's.  Loved the water color sunsets!  See more below

     The book Buffalo Hunt has great facts and several of Catlin's pieces in it.                             

4th grade made these cool tepee sculptures I found on pinterest.  I have no idea where they came from, the link was not working when I tried...so if you know where credit is due please pass it on.

We are working on some feather print making as well...but I haven't been as happy with these results yet.





November 06, 2013

Space & Symmetry Turkeys

This started as one of those projects where I thought...WHAT AM I THINKING???!!!!  Basically for an entire week I thought that...along with:  WHY AM I STILL TRYING TO TEACH THIS LESSON???!!!

And then today...it all came together!  I'm in love with these little turkeys.  Even my turkeys that totally did NOT get the layout, positive or negative space concept, came out with some pretty darn cute turkey's! We used these 2 books to help us with our piece.  
Here is the power point I made to teach the lesson:  
. These kindergarten and 1st graders did GOBBLE GOOD!